SOME Testimonials 24-25 Feb 2018



I was mesmerized by the presentations of the robot speakers and other speakers. It was an exhilarating experience and one of a kind conference I attended. 

As I have shared and said awareness leads to transformation and if there is awareness there is change. Great conference definitely the experience will be/is shared.



Spark The Change India was an event that not only looked at handling change in organization but also breaking shackles of our age old habits. 

The wide array of speakers brought different perspectives and practical experiences which really can be applied back to ones personal and professionl life.



Spark the Change India was an opportunity for me to not only learn but also connect with like-minded people - the kind of people who I wouldn't have met in the Agile conferences. 

This makes me realize how abstract-er topics like 'change' lead to a more diverse set of perspectives and people than relatively concrete topics like 'Agile', 'XP', etc.

The robot speakers made a strong statement - You don't need to be physically present to spark a change. 

Practical experiences that came bundled with each of the talks was one unique thing that I noticed in this conference.

I am humbled to serve the community as a facilitator at this conference and fortunate to have had a chance to work with cool facilitators.



 The ‘Spark The Change India’ conference had a different feel to it. Instead of just the usual ‘Listen and Talk’ format of other conferences, this one encouraged reflection, sharing and collective learning among participants and faculty in almost all of its sessions and activities. 

Instead of just networking, the format of the conference gave us the opportunity to initiate stronger relationships at something deeper than a professional level.



 This was a very high quality conference experience. The content and the exercises were very helpful. The participants really dug deep and got profound value. And the inspiration quotient was very high. 

It did not feel like a first year conference. It was run so professionally and the experience was so good. I am confident Spark The Change India will be come a marquee conference in India in the coming years. 



 Since 2011, I'll say it's one of the best conference I attended. Every talk have some kind of hands on activity involved which was an awesome idea of organizers. 

Topics are so diversified right from biological connections, our neuron activity, minimalism, to software delivery was like icing on cake. 

And Yes, all the energizers were ROCKING !!!



Spark the Change India conference in February 2018 was a very rewarding experience. For me, it provided a very diverse and interesting set of perspectives on dealing with Change. Insights provided by all the speakers were thought-provoking. 

It was also great to experience the keen interest from all the participants in the interactions. So while the number of attendees was not large, the quality of participation was excellent.



This was my first interaction with Spartk The Change India Conference. I am very happy to be part of this event. 

Every session has insights into various aspects of Change plus tools & frameworks to help me assist the change in my organization. Thank you for arranging such a great conference. 



The conference was more than just a learning opportunity for me. It happened at just the right time in real life when I was planning for a critical change, professionally. All the talks in the conference reiterated the same point - Change may seem to be difficult, but it certainly has a potential to conquer most of the difficulties.

The conference equipped me with effective tools and innovative techniques to bring about and manage the critical change. It certainly helped me to break down years of inertia and take positive steps towards a brilliant world of opportunities. May it be playing with lego bricks or making sense visually, the conference covered a wide range of offerings to make and manage a change.

Finally, it is as much of thinking and learning as it is related to doing. The conference had just the right mixture of hands-on exercises along with all the theory. Just listening to an idea may excite you for the moment but when you actually apply the principles in a hands-on exercise, the idea gets stored in your long-term memory. 

This journey from exposure to experience was well plotted throughout the conference. Overall a very enriching and exciting experience!



Thought provoking... And getting to meet interesting people... 

Two days of awesomeness!



Amazing experience to network with change evangalists and thought leaders.



This event totally changed and helped me to think that at the end of the day bringing in change to build what you want in life is not very difficult. You simply have to be open to work on it.



A sparkling change and took home a ton of beneficial tools, techniques and tips.



Spark the Change is one of the few conferences, anywhere in the world, that provides insightful conversations and presentations on bringing about change.



A well thought out conference. You have sparked the change within me!