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About Spark

What Is Spark?

A global conference run across London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Montreal, Melbourne ;
Brings together leaders and practitioners from across the globe from various disciplines and fields to explore ways to create lasting change;  

Spark is founded on 3 Themes :                  

  • Organizing the Organization
  • Unleashing People
  • Disruption & Change

It is the place to be, if you are keen to

  • Learn from leading-edge experiments of radical companies
  • Hear inspiring examples and practical advice to take actions while bringing a change in your organization
  • Develop skills and action plans; return to work ready to make change happen

Why Attend Spark?

Rapid Innovation, Early Failure and Quick Response to changing business conditions have become the need of the hour today.  

Come to Spark on 24 - 25 Feb 2018 to

  • Be part of this high energy global movement for change
  • Learn how to nurture & drive High performing teams through inspiring leadership
  • Learn from practitioners of different industries and functions and deep-dive with actionable and conversational workshops 
  • Learn how to co-create change with those being impacted with it
  • Learn how to structure your organization and enable resilience & agility

Who is Spark For?

All Leaders / Managers, Change agents,
Agile coaches and Consultants across the organization in various domains and functions

  • Who focus on improving the whole and not just a single silo in the organization
  • Who want to enhance their change toolkit by learning from different industry experts
  • Who are always stepping in the middle of a constantly evolving reality
  • Who want to learn from change practitioners in different industries and different functions within the same industry
  • Who want to be part of this high energy global movement for change

Themes for Spark the Change

Organizing the Organization

  • Natural hierarchies / flat structures
  • Freedom vs efficiency – exploding the myths of centralization
  • The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – Performance measures that work
  • Leadership without politics; decisions without democracy

Unleashing People

  • The one who says no – redefining management power
  • Fighting fear – analysing what we give up when we change the way we work 
  • Imagine, innovate, achieve – the trinity of creativity
  • Trust and partnership – employee ownership in action

Disruption & Change

  • Failing early and often – how to embed experimentation
  • Survival of the most open – mastering new tools, new skills & new challenges
  • Balancing short term responsiveness with long-term objectives 
  • Riding or drowning? the technology wave

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24 - 25 February 2018
2 days in February that will change your life!