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Our amazing speakers are also offering to run smaller workshops on February 23rd. If you're interested in a deeper dive opportunity, then add a workshop to your Spark the Change conference experience!


Jason Little

Keynote: Rethinking Transformation

Joining us by Robot!

Vikas Bhatia

Homeostasis: The Frenemy of Change

Workshop: "Overcoming the Human Barrier to Change"

Karen Chovan

Design to engage and align for project success
Joining us by Robot!

Sunil Mundra

Infuse Life, Embrace Change

Andrea Darabos

How to Spark Employee Engagement

Workshop: Play to your Strengths with StrongSuits: Practitioner and Facilitator 

Rich Batchelor

Can you feel the Bricks, the Lego® Bricks?

Workshop: Enable a Curious Culture to embrace Disruptive Change

Lalit Jagtiani

Leading in an era of Digital Disruption

Workshop: When Change Happens...

Evan Leybourn

Certain Uncertainty

Workshop: Business Agility - for the next generation of market-leading companies

Lynne Cazaly

The Subtle Art of Making Things Up
Joining us by Robot! 

Stefano Tempesta

Internet 4.0, the Age of the Blockchain

Workshop: Internet 4.0, the Age of the Blockchain

Anant East

The Most important Question you have to answer as a Leader is Why?

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